Hot Medical Bric-a-Brac

by Brian Carty, MD, MSPH

Sperm Donors Liable for Child Support

In several court cases, men who donated sperm to female acquaintances or friends now owe child support.

Admittedly, the men did have some periodic contact with the children, and visited or sent presents or cards.  These actions apparently established a “parental relationship.”

How’s that for gratitude?  THANKS!  THANKS!  THANKS!

Medicare Pays Dead Doctors to Take Care of Dead Patients

Have Medicare Bureaucrats Discovered the Magic Elixir - The Secret of Eternal Life?

Between 2000 and 2007 Medicare paid between $60 and $92 million for claims filed by dead doctors .  Some of these doctors had been dead for over ten years when the claims were filed.  Also, millions of dollars have been paid for services provided for dead patients.

Obviously, dead doctors can’t take care of dead patients.  The explanation is fraud.  Someone apparently obtained a list of Medicare patient and physician numbers and fraudulently submitted the claims to Medicare.  The claims were then paid by Medicare.

You would think that Medicare bureaucrats would be able to find a way to stop paying for these fraudulent claims.  After all, aren’t these the geniuses who want to take over the whole health care system?

Could it be that the Medicare employees are the only people in this whole sorry fiasco who are dead?  Brain dead, that is.

He Came Out of the Closet When He Came Out of the Operating Room

A man who had heart surgery in the UK had to have a vein removed from his leg to bypass the blocked arteries in his heart.  Part of a tattoo on the man’s leg, which read “I love women,” was removed along with the vein.  However, after the operation, the tattoo read “I love men.”


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